10) Convenience “Mobile Medical Spanish Courses” within Los Angeles region. Our teachers can go on-site (hospitals/clinics) or off-site.

9) Experience – We have been offering our services since 2003. Our Academic Director has been teaching for more than 10 years, and has extensive credentials for Spanish Education. Plus our teachers have plenty of teaching Spanish.

8) Friendly Native Spanish speaking teachers

7) Great feedback from past clients (Under the direction of our Academic Director Laura Zayas – See Testimonials page “Client’s love our service”

6) Affordable pricing compared to big companies i.e. Berlitz

5) Classes are divided into sessions about 1-2 hours per week. No cramming, no grading, no college type of atmosphere.

4) Its Fun and enriching

3) NOT A BIG COMPANY, which puts a lot more attention into the program

2) We provide customized Medical Spanish courses for almost any medical professional in different departments.

1) We have our own course materials, and it’s customized! (See our Intro Kit, plus our newly written Manuals, Flash cards, posters, CD’s, free access to podcast, and videos)

Contact Us For More Information

Check with us for future updates

Soon Medical Spanish Online courses (video conferencing), downloadable study materials, and many more!


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