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Learn Medical Spanish in Beautiful Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires – What comes into mind when you think of Argentina? Perhaps tango dancing, gauchos, Argentine food, wine, or even Medical Spanish courses in Buenos Aires?  If you’re searching for Medical Spanish courses, and have stumbled on this blog, you might be thinking, ‘I need to get away for a vacation and learn Spanish at the same time. ‘

Study abroad programs are the best way to meet your vacation needs and at the same time learn a language. Spanish for offers catalog listing in South America Argentina has plenty of activities and experiences to explore. This is an alternative option to learn and study abroad for Medical Spanish. Argentina has a touch of European lifestyle, but with a flair for their-own style.

Argentina has been a growing interest to learn Spanish abroad, especially, because of the cost. With the exception of flights to the country, once you get there, the prices as relatively affordable from food, transportation, night life, tours, and even the Medical Spanish programs.

Students that participate in the program partake on the Spanish structure from general Spanish to the core technical Medical Spanish course. Depending on the location, there are even Medical shadow opportunities.  This is a great way to get total immersion for the medical professional or students in the medical field.

Learning Medical Spanish is crucial for medical professionals, as more and more Spanish speaking patients come in contact with them. Students that participate in the abroad programs will have more of an accelerated program, compared to traditional US/Canadian classrooms, which many have semester types.

The course offered is all year round, with the exception of holiday closure, students can come anytime of the year. Many of the students in the medical field have even chosen the program as an elective for a requirement from their home university.  Some simply would like to brush up on Medical Spanish terminologies for their work.

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Who Really Takes Medical Spanish?

Most Common Medical Professionals Taking Medical Spanish

In our assessment from the previous years we have been offering Medical Spanish, we have noted there are certain groups in the medical field who have participated more in the courses. Generally anyone in the medical field, who is in contact with Spanish speak people/patients, will be qualified to participate in any Spanish language courses. For the clients that participated in our programs, we have found pre-medical students, medical students, physicians in all types of practices, student nurses, and nurses. The reason for the interests, in these specific types of groups, holds a bigger interest, partly because of the contact with Spanish speaking patients. As we break down the phases or routine of a typical medical evaluation and care, we can see why these groups are more inclined to participate in the programs. When Spanish speaking patients need medical attention, they first go through a physician, afterwards the physician passes on specific job tasks to nurses or technicians. Nurses are always in constant contact and communication with the patients. In addition, patients also participate in tests and certain therapy, but will most likely be in less contact and communication. Other groups such as social services, physical therapy, and occupational therapy we find less signing up in the programs. We are not really sure why, as they too are in close communication with patients.

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