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Stories of Professionals in the Medical Field


Finding Learning a Language Beneficial

Gabriela Zervo –Certified Nursing Assistant (Romania)

Gabriela Zervo or “Gaby” was born and raised from Romania and arrived in the USA Sept of 1999. Upon arriving in the country, she did not speak any English what so ever. When she first arrived she knew the medical field was the only way to go for a secure job. With her determination, her first step into the medical field was to learn the language of English, which took her about 8 months to get to intermediate level, at the local community college. After having enough skills to communicate in the environment, she then started to apply for the Certified Nursing Assistant School, it took her about 2 months to finish the program. Soon after she received her certificate, she then started applying for Skilled Nursing Facilities. On her first few months in the job she was getting a lot of practice speaking English with patients. But as she continued on in the field, she found out that she would also need to learn another language, Spanish. Coming across many Spanish speaking patients, families, and some staff, she found out how language barrier made it more difficult to complete a job effective and efficiently. Having multiple patients with her job responsibilities made it very challenging for her. Then she decided she needed to expand her skills level and made a big effort to not only study English but to also learn Spanish. She started watching Spanish TV Channels with shows on Telenovelas, game shows, and watched soccer. At work, she would ask for assistance with translating words into Spanish, and always carried a handy Dictionary. Little by little Gaby was able to develop her medical terminologies, and communication. Learning the language she grew more confident and was able to work without any barriers, which in turn help her dramatically with time management. She also got to know her patients well by communication, which made her feel very good about her work in general. Ultimately, she grew an acceptance to her huge transition from her home country-Romania to the USA.

Currently in 2009, Gaby plans to go higher with her education in nursing, at the same time plans to also enhance her Spanish skills. She is already fluent in English, but having a stronger Medical Spanish background will definitely help her better, possibly even finding better job opportunities by speaking 3 languages.

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