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Volunteer Projects- Blanket, Shoe, Clothes, Food Drop February 2009

Blanket, Shoe, Clothes, Food Drop February 2009 (February 23, 2009) – Spanish for Medical/Spanish for Success volunteers made another round of goodwill work- this time they handed out about 40 blankets, food, shoes, and clothes to the homeless of the Los Angeles region. (read more)


Mexico Shoe Drop 2009

SFM-CameraSee Pictures From the Project

January 29, 2009

A the team of volunteers handed out new and used shoes to orphanages in Mexico.

Spanish for Medical VolunteerOn Thursday January 29th Spanish for Medical and volunteers were on a mission to donate collected new and used shoes. The project started about a month ago, when an idea came to action. Headed by Russo Mutuc, Kisha Malika Lawson, Jill Hudspeth, and Josie Hudspeth the team was able to help spread the word that a project was in the works to help the kids in Mexico. Within a week, shoes from different parts of Southern California started walking in. Church members, companies, and many random people have come together for a cause and had donated about more than 300 + shoes. New shoes have also come as far as Delaware brought in on a flight from Philadelphia to Los Angeles. The story kept on growing as others opened up their humanitarian efforts to help the unfortunate ones. The biggest challenge for the used shoes collected was physically collecting mass amounts and cleaning them up, along with sorting. Plus they were coming from different locations, and the shoes have traveled the distance from Tehachapi, Santa Clarita, Lake Hughes, San Diego, and Los Angeles. Finally they were in route to Mexico at the orphanages.

This team effort has grown drastically within a three week time frame. Different companies, and volunteers has made this happen. Spanish for Medical, Spanish for Success, Canyon Creek Sports Camp, Divine by Design Angelique M Ehat Higher, Vision Church in Castaic, Country Wide Secondary Marketing Department, St. Judes Travel Department (Danna Lyons), San Diego Mesa College Women’s basketball team (Shannon Schiele, and Sally Davis)

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Volunteer Projects

Medical Professionals Donating Time

Spanish for Medical Volunteers

November 2008 – Several nurses got together to help a cause for the poor, in the Los Angeles area. A food drive was organized by nurses, and each week they were able to collect several boxes full of food. It was a great team effort all around, which we had about 8 people volunteer for the project, and mostly nurses and nurses aides. All the food collected was donated to the LA Food Bank. Afterwards, the volunteers kept on with the project, they organized more food and clothing handouts to the homeless, in Skid Row. This has become almost a monthly effort by the team. Spanish for Medical would like to say thank you to the nurses trying to make a difference, not just in the working environment, but also on their spare time.

See our parent company blog on some of the volunteer projects the staff has done.

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10) Convenience “Mobile Medical Spanish Courses” within Los Angeles region. Our teachers can go on-site (hospitals/clinics) or off-site.

9) Experience – We have been offering our services since 2003. Our Academic Director has been teaching for more than 10 years, and has extensive credentials for Spanish Education. Plus our teachers have plenty of teaching Spanish.

8) Friendly Native Spanish speaking teachers

7) Great feedback from past clients (Under the direction of our Academic Director Laura Zayas – See Testimonials page “Client’s love our service”

6) Affordable pricing compared to big companies i.e. Berlitz

5) Classes are divided into sessions about 1-2 hours per week. No cramming, no grading, no college type of atmosphere.

4) Its Fun and enriching

3) NOT A BIG COMPANY, which puts a lot more attention into the program

2) We provide customized Medical Spanish courses for almost any medical professional in different departments.

1) We have our own course materials, and it’s customized! (See our Intro Kit, plus our newly written Manuals, Flash cards, posters, CD’s, free access to podcast, and videos)

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Spanish for Medical – New Regional Medical Spanish Course

Spanish for Medical

January 1, 2009

Spanish for Medical

Medical Spanish Courses In Los Angeles Region

Customized For The Health Care Industry



PO Box 29637

Los Angeles, CA 90029

Notice of Expansion On Our Medical Spanish Program

Medical Spanish Courses

This day is our official launch of additional Medical Spanish programs in Los Angeles Region. Part of the Spanish for Medical Regional Department. Directed by Russo Mutuc and Laura Zayas. The course offered will be customized for each specific department in the health care industry. Along with already produced materials from Medical Spanish Manuals, poster-sized color drawings, vocabulary flashcards, audio CD’s, and soon online Inter-active content.


Section IA: (7 lessons)
Curriculum covers beginning language skills
Students should be finished in approximately 14 sessions
Spanish IB: (7 lessons)
Curriculum covers beginning language skills
Students should be finished in approximately 14 sessions
Section IC: (7 lessons)
Curriculum covers beginning/intermediate language skills
Students should be finished in approximately 14 sessions
Section IIA: (7 lessons)
Curriculum covers intermediate language skills
Students should be finished in approximately 14 sessions
Spanish IIB: (7 lessons)
Curriculum covers intermediate language skills
Students should be finished in approximately 14 sessions
Section IIC: (7 lessons)
Curriculum covers intermediate/advanced language skills
Students should be finished in approximately 14 sessions

(Spanish I)
Section IA
Lesson 1: Basic Greetings, Questions & Expressions • People
Lesson 2: Objects • Interrogative Words • Articles
Lesson 3: Colors • Verbs Es y Son (Is and Are)
Lesson 4: Numbers • Days/Months/Seasons
Lesson 5: Pharmacy • Money • Pronouns • Verb Necesitar (Need)
Lesson 6: Human Body• Verb Tener (Have)• Use Tener to
express aches/pains/conditions and tell age
Lesson 7: Personal Characteristics • Medical Staff Positions • Adverbs • Descriptive Adjectives • Verb Ser (Be)

Section IB
Lesson 8: Family Members • Possessive Adjectives • Physical Descriptions
Lesson 9: Time • Activities
Lesson 10: Basic regular –AR Verbs • Conjugation Important Words to create Sentences
Lesson 11: Other regular –AR Verbs • Irregular –AR Verbs
Lesson 12: Regular and Irregular –ER Verbs:
Querer (Want) • Poner (Put) • Hacer (Do)• Conjugation
Lesson 13: Regular and Irregular –IR Verbs • Conjugation
Lesson 14: Verb Review

Section IC
Lesson 15: More objects • Adjectives to describe Objects • Position of Objects
Lesson 16: Hospital Chores • Words to describe frequency
Lesson 17: Places in the Hospital • Directions • Location • Feelings
Lesson 18: Clothes • Toiletry Items • Demonstrative Adjectives/Pronouns
Lesson 19: Foods • Difference between Ser and Estar • Difference between Para and Por
Lesson 20: Present Progressive
Lesson 21: How to Express future using ‘Ir’

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